about us

Our History

Our club represents an underrepresented segment of the local Tower Hamlets community who have been in the borough since the 1950s. Football has always been passionatley played with various local teams playing and competing across East London. There have been different teams with different names throughout the years (Red Sea Lions, OSCA, Al Huda) but with the same core personnel playing and managing.

    In 2017 the club founders decided to unite all the local teams into one adult mens team. United we became.

      We are now competing in the Senior Division of the Essex Alliance League as well as other competitions such as the Somali British Champions League.

        Our Achievements So Far

        We’ve only really just begun our journey but have so far acheived…


        • Promoted (at the first attempt) into the Senior Division of the Essex Alliance League
        • Runners up Somali British Champions League 2019
        • Created and promote a unique footballing philosophy
        • Actively engage with the local community
        • Partnered with Future Stars Football Cub
        We see our club as a platform for players to excel both on and off the pitch. We’ve had players getting trials at professional clubs overseas and more recently our young goalkeeper Abdiaziz getting a call up by the Somali Under 21s National Team.
        Watch the interview with him ->

        Vision for the Future

        Our vision is to move up the grassroots footballing system whilst creating progressive social change both on and off the pitch.

          Importantly, we are aiming to bring the local community together and create more special moments. Football is all about special moments…like what happens when your team scores a last minute winner in a closely fought semi-final in front of your home crowd…